Where to find us: NODALIDA 2019

Being a research group located in the Nordics, ITU NLP has a strong presence at NODALIDA this year, held in Turku. The conference’s general chair is Barbara Plank from ITU NLP, for whose efforts we are all very grateful. You can find us here:

Monday September 30

NLPL Workshop on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing, 09:00-17:00 PUB2

  • Co-organiser: Leon Derczynski (also first session chair, 09:20-10:00)

Deep Transfer Learning: Learning across Languages, Modalities and Tasks

Barbara Plank. Keynote, 10:30-11:30, NLPL DL4NLP, PUB2

Tuesday October 1

Lexical Resources for Low-Resource PoS Tagging in Neural Times.

Barbara Plank and Sigrid Klerke. Talk: 11:25-11:50, Parallel session A, PUB1

Bornholmsk Natural Language Processing: Resources and Tools.

Leon Derczynski and Alex Speed Kjeldsen. Poster: 16:45-17:45, Poster and demo session, Entrance hall

We introduce language processing resources and tools for Bornholmsk, a language spoken on the island of Bornholm, with roots in Danish and closely related to Scanian. This presents an overview of the language and available data, and the first NLP models for this living, minority Nordic language.

The Lacunae of Danish Natural Language Processing.

Andreas Kirkedal, Barbara Plank, Leon Derczynski and Natalie Schluter. Poster: 16:45-17:45, Poster and demo session, Entrance hall

Danish has received relatively little attention from a technological perspective. In this paper, we review Natural Language Processing (NLP) research, digital resources and tools which have been developed for Danish. We find that availability of models and tools is limited, which calls for work that lifts Danish NLP a step closer to the privileged languages.

UniParse: A universal graph-based parsing toolkit.

Daniel Varab and Natalie Schluter. Demo: 16:45-17:45 

Come by for a chat on how UniParse works and how it may be useful for your research.

Wednesday October 2, 2019

Political Stance Detection for Danish.

Rasmus Lehmann and Leon Derczynski. Talk: 11:10-11:35, Parallel session A: Sentiment Analysis and Stance, PUB1

The presented research concerns identification of the stance towards immigration within quotes from politicians brought in Danish newspapers. Covered in the presentation will be the creation of a dataset of stance annotated quotes from politicians in Danish, the first of its kind, along with the creation of two deep-learning based stance detection models, one using an LSTM architecture and one using a basic feed forward architecture, along with the results of testing these models.

Neural Cross-Lingual Transfer and Limited Annotated Data for Named Entity Recognition in Danish.

Barbara Plank. Talk: 11:10-11:35, Parallel session B: Named Entity Recognition, PUB3

Session chairing – Parallel session A: Text Generation and Language Model Applications
14:00-15:15, PUB1. Leon Derczynski

Joint Rumour Stance and Veracity Prediction.

Anders Edelbo Lillie, Emil Refsgaard Middelboe and Leon Derczynski. Talk: 11:35-12:00, Parallel session A: Sentiment Analysis and Stance, PUB1

We present an end-to-end stance and veracity prediction system that works at SotA level on Danish despite low data, and show that stance-based veracity prediction models can be transferred across languages and platforms with negligible performance drop.

NEALT business meeting

13:00-14:00, PUB1

Watch out for ✨exciting✨ items from ITU NLP here…



We hope to meet you in Turku!

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