Rasmus Lehmann joins NLP at ITU

We’re very happy to welcome Rasmus Lehmann to NLP at ITU!

Rasmus resides in the cross section between business, communication and technology, with a Bachelor’s degree within organizational communication and economics from CBS, and a Master’s degree within software development, specialized in Business Intelligence and Machine Learning. Rasmus’ interest in the field of NLP was aroused while working on implementing a deep learning-based model for use in rumor identification, and he continued to write his thesis, titled “Stance Detection in Danish Politics”. The focus of this project was to build a dataset of quotes from Danish politicians for use in stance detection in Danish, and applying a deep learning-based approach to solving this classification task. The project was subsequently turned into a submission for the NoDaLiDa 2019 conference on Computational Linguistics, to which the paper was accepted.

Rasmus will be working closely with Leon Derczynski on creating tools for NLP in Danish.

Rasmus Lehmann

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