Daniel Varab joins NLP at ITU

We are delighted to welcome Daniel Varab back to NLP at ITU! Daniel introduces himself:

“I come from a traditional computer science background and somewhat by chance ended up writing my thesis titled “Contradiction Detection in Natural Languages” in the scope of natural language inference (NLI). This sparked my interest in NLP and has caused all my work since to revolve around the field. I am now two years out after graduation and have spent a year as a research assistant exploring NLI and graph-based dependency parsing, followed by a year at the Danish/Swedish company Karnov Group where I have worked on helping lawyers navigate the ever-growing pile of legislation with the use of NLP techniques. I am now excited to be heading back into academia where I will be working on text summarization together with Natalie Schluter and supporting courses of ITU’s data science bachelor degree.

With regards to interests, I genuinely enjoy work on simple models with well-founded inductive biases, work on so-called less privileged languages, and good old thorough research.”

Daniel Varab

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