ITU Copenhagen at ACL 2019, Florence

We’re glad to have the following papers at the Annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2019 (ACL) in Florence:

  • Claudio Greco Barbara Plank, Raquel Fern├índez, Raffaella Bernardi. Psycholinguistics meets Continual Learning: Measuring Catastrophic Forgetting in Visual Question Answering. In ACL 2019. Tuesday July 30, 15:03, Hall 4
  • Nils Rethmeier and Barbara Plank. MoRTy: Unsupervised Learning of Task-specialized Word Embeddings by Autoencoding. In RepL4NLP, ACL 2019 workshop. Friday August 2

Barbara Plank has also co-chaired the entire set of workshops at ACL conferences this year, including ACL and also NAACL and EMNLP. Also, rumour has it that Natalie Schluter may be making a presentation during the final day’s closing talks. Enjoy Florence, and we hope to see you here!

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