Manuel Ciosici joins NLP at ITU

We are delighted to welcome Manuel Ciosici to NLP at ITU! Manuel has recently handed in his Ph.D. thesis at Aarhus University. During his studies, Manuel researched word representations and their role in Natural Language Processing. Word representation induction methods take in large corpora of natural language text and compute ways to represent words in such a way that makes words understandable by computer algorithms. He studied word representations based on word clusters and showed that they are highly effective at learning to represent syntactic information. With word representations based on word vectors he proposed a method for determining the meaning of abbreviations based on their use in sentences.

Manuel will be doing postdoc work with Leon Derczynski, researching deep learning approaches to multi-lingual stance detection for misinformation detection, as part of the internal MultiStance project funded by ITU Computer Science.

Manuel Ciosici

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