ITU Copenhagen at NODALIDA 2019, Turku

We are excited to have seven papers accepted at the Nordic Natural Language Processing conference, NODALIDA:

  • UniParse: A universal graph-based parsing toolkit
    Daniel Varab and Natalie Schluter (arXiv)
  • The Lacunae of Danish Natural Language Processing
    Andreas Kirkedal, Barbara Plank, Leon Derczynski and Natalie Schluter
  • Bornholmsk Natural Language Processing: Resources and Tools
    Leon Derczynski and Alex Speed Kjeldsen
  • Political Stance in Danish
    Rasmus Lehmann and Leon Derczynski
  • Cross-Lingual Transfer and Very Little Labeled Data for Named Entity Recognition in Danish
    Barbara Plank
  • Joint Rumour Stance and Veracity Prediction
    Emil Refsgaard Middelboe, Anders Edelbo Lillie and Leon Derczynski
  • Lexical Resources for Low-Resource PoS Tagging in Neural Times
    Sigrid Klerke and Barbara Plank

We hope to see you in Finland!

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