Data Ethics – ITU advises national expert group

Recently, we have seen a number of examples that consumers and businesses may have different perceptions of what characterizes good data ethics – such as the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica case.

Natalie Schluter and Jes Frellsen from ITU were invited to attend a discussion salon organised by the Danish state, aimed at gathering input to the national expert group’s further work on elaborating recommendations for data ethics. This included a wide range of philosophy, anthropology, computer science, AI, robotics, computer experts, entrepreneurship, companies, cultural history, sociology, education, etc.

Natalie Schluter presents at the expert group. Photo by Christiane Vejlø.

In the government’s expert group on data ethics, there are a series of open meetings to gather knowledge and input from interested citizens, companies, researchers and other external experts in the field. At these meetings, social values, challenges and opportunities for collecting and using data are discussed. This event was opened by Minister of Business Brian Mikkelsen and Chairman of the Expert Group, Christiane Vejlø, with a series of presentations followed by exercises and conversation.

More by ITU on data ethics (Danish): Digitale dilemmaer: Hvordan forandrer data den offentlige sektor?

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